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Ann Bates is the founder, Managing Director and the leader of the consulting team.

Our consultants have worked with companies as diverse as CIGNA, Hewlett Packard, Robert Walters Plc, Jones Lang LaSalle, SAS, Barclays Capital, Mouchel Parkman, General Electric, Arrow Therapeutics, IPG and Central and Local Government. We have worked with clients in Europe, Asia and the USA and  with people from over one hundred different countries around the world. 

Everyone in our team shares the Performance Impact professional standards, philosophy and commitment to excellence and all of our consultants have been trained to apply the Realising Performance Potential consulting methodology to a high level of proficiency. 

The partnership that we have with our clients, allows us to make a positive contribution to them and through our clients we experience making a positive contribution in the world. The work that we do is a self-expression for our team and as result we experiences a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction.


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